Rob Shelley

Writer, Editor, ESL Teacher

Born and raised in Newfoundland, I've spent the last eight years living in Seoul and Vancouver, but now I live in Shenzhen, China.

I was the Editor-At-Large and a regular contributor to Groove Korea, and I'm an active member of Editors Canada.

I was also a translation editor and contributor to The Beer Post, an editor and writer for Craft Beer Asia, and have contributed to Seoul Selection.




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Groove Korea

PDF - Bali's Ubud in the Twilight of the Silence

Nyepi, ogoh ogohs, and the essence of Bali

Groove Korea

PDF - An Idiot's Guide to the Park Geun-hye Scandal

A correspondent answers all of out basic questions about one of the most unusual political scandals of the past century

Groove Korea

PDF - Seoul's Grevin Museum

Parisian magic in the heart of Seoul

Groove magazine

Groove Korea

PDF - Get Fisted

Maloneys pub and brewing company bring Boston-Irish attitude with no apologies or compromise

Groove Magazine

Picking the Brain of the Korean Zombie - Groove Magazine

Local UFC star Chan Sung Jung makes his long awaited comeback Story By: Rob Shelley / Photos by: Robert Michael Evans / Translation by: Brian Rhee "Oh! It looks like Chan Sung...

Groove Magazine

Game Changer in Korean Craft Beer

Can Maker opened in mid-December and will surely shake-up the Korean craft beer market for good. Owner Kimoon Kang, also owner of Craftbros and formerly of The Beer Post...

Groove Magazine

Sewum Urology Clinic Reaches Out to the Community - Groove Magazine

Most of us feel uncomfortable talking with a doctor about the possibility of having a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and answering questions about sexual history and...

Groove Magazine

The Story of a Scar - Groove Magazine

Anyone who has spent time in Korea is aware of the geographical and psychological scar that is the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). At the conclusion of the Korean War, the DMZ...

Groove Magazine

The Once And Future King (of UFC) Comes To Seoul - Groove Magazine

In 2006, a young man named Benson Henderson postponed his life as a police officer to make his professional MMA debut. The son of an African-American father and Korean mother,...

Groove Magazine

Bittersweet Baldocchi - Groove Magazine

Jeremie Baldocchi is an accomplished artist who describes his paintings as "unusual, original, disturbing, poetic and fairy tale-like." He has won numerous awards in France and...

Groove Magazine

Affordable Art Fair Stops In Seoul - Groove Magazine

Coming to Seoul this September for one weekend only, the Affordable Art Fair (AAF) is a global festival that spreads the idea that art is for everybody. The fair's website...

Groove Magazine

Fighting! The UFC's First Korean Event Packs a Punch - Groove Magazine

The fans at Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena were on their feet as I rushed into the arena to take my seat. Korea's inaugural UFC event was just seconds old but had already ignited...

Groove Magazine

A Lighthouse in Uncharted Waters - Groove Magazine

On a chilly Wednesday in February, I found myself wandering through Ewha University's campus in the dark. I had taken the hour-long commute, on a work night, to check out the...

Groove Magazine

Best Bar Brunch: Craftworks Namsan - Groove Magazine

Groove brings you the Best of Brunch in Seoul for 2016. Talk to anyone in the Korean craft beer business and they'll tell you that everyone owes a debt of gratitude to...

Groove Magazine

When Two Flew Into The Kookoo's Nest - Groove Magazine

It's not that I don't love Seoul; I do. But sometimes the utter urbanality of the bustling city, with crowds of cosmetic faces, wafting of polluted air and a cacophony of mobile...

Groove Magazine

The Journey of the Magpie: Hatching a Craft Beer Movement in Kyungridan - Groove Magazine

Magpie Brewing Co. got its start in a tiny alley in Kyungridan, now Korea's best craft beer area, about five years ago. I asked Magpie co-founder Erik Moynihan what was in that...

Groove Magazine

Craft Beer in 'Coffee City' - Groove Magazine

The city of Gangneung, also called Pine City, is nestled on the shore of the East Sea. It is also known to many as Korea's "Coffee City" due to its coffee farms, coffee roasters...